Once Upon A Time, I Fell For a Pilot

Once upon a time in the enchanted land of ABC, there lived a television show based on fairy tales of yore with a modern day twist and everyone who watched it fell in love with it. The end. Okay, maybe not everyone fell in love with ABC’s pilot of “Once Upon A Time” last night but I did, or more to the point perhaps, I fell in love with its potential. There’s a lot of it. So let us on to a quick recap and review then, shall we?

Once upon a time in The Enchanted Forest far, far away…

Snow White and Prince Charming, ABC’s “Once Upon A Time”

…our episode opens with Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) on his noble steed riding to his beloved Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) who has succumbed to The Poisoned Apple and been laid to rest in a pretty glass coffin by the Seven Dwarves. Charming plants a Goodbye Kiss of True Love on Snow White’s ruby red lips and behold -she awakens! Still with me? Don’t forget we’re working with a fairytale premise here so hang in there, the fun stuff’s on its way.Now where was I? Oh right, Magic Kiss, Snow White lives and off we go hippity-hop to their grand wedding and happily ever after.

Or at least that was our plan.

Instead, The Evil Queen of Sneer & Smoke (Lana Parrilla) totally crashes the party and casts a big ol’ dark curse on the happy couple and their enchanted subjects. In fairness to said Evil Queen though, you’d sneer and smoke too if you had to wear that wardrobe. But I digress, on with the recap! (more…)

Spiked Milk, Sacrifices and a Li’l Moonlight

Whilst I’ve been busy braving rain and roping rainbows lately ( all part of my diabolical masterplan which I will eventually reveal to the masses a.k.a YOU), I’ve also been guestposting and podcasting over at and thought I’d post a quick round-up:

The Vampire Diaries: Katerina

But it wasn’t only haunting, damaged Katherine who had me squinting through blurry eyes to get through this episode. From the igniting of her “Petrova fire” in the tomb scenes with Katherine, to her epic cryfest crosshairs moment of realization on The Porch, Elena had me too. Elena showed such strength and vulnerability and growth as a character in “Katerina” that I give huge applause to both actress Nina Dobrev and the writers for what I do believe is my favourite Elena episode to date …Read More



The Vampire Diaries: The Sacrifice

Oh my double heart snatch! *gulp, gasp, squeeeee* This week’s show stealer goes to badass Original Elijah, who, I must confess is beginning to rival with badass Damon for my affections.

I know. I’m as shocked as you are. I so did not see that coming, but these Originals are so on it.

Add the eerie blood spell/window creep on Elena and the epic reveal that Elijah is NOT actually trying to kill our beloved doppelganger *gasp, double shocker* but wants her kept safe and protected for the time being – well, Holy Salvatores and Saltzman, episode stolen!..Read More