My Guest Posts & Podcast Adventures

Here you will find a continually updating list of my guest posts, episode reviews/recaps, podcasts and further adventures around the web-verse:


Vampire Diaries: 10 Things We Are Dying to Love About Season 4 – []

Sex, Blood and Demented Vampire Chicks: Welcome back, Vampire Diaries! – []

So You’re A Vampire: A Beginner’s Survival Guide For Caroline Forbes – []

Vampire Diaries Season 2: The Year of the Dobrev  – []

Lockwoods, Legends and Lycanthropes – Oh my! – []


Arrow, The CW

Arrow: Honor Thy Father

Arrow: Pilot

Arrow: Season 1 Premiere Tonight!

Republic of Doyle, CBC

Wrapping Up Season 3 of Republic of Doyle

Vampire Diaries, The CW

The Vampire Diaries: Original Sin

The Vampire Diaries: True Lies

Vampire Diaries: The Killer

Vampire Diaries: The Five

Vampire Diaries: Memorial

Vampire Diaries: The Hybrid

Vampire Diaries: The Birthday

The Vampire Diaries: As I Lay Dying

The Vampire Diaries: The Last Day

The Vampire Diaries: Klaus

The Vampire Diaries: The Last Dance

The Vampire Diaries: The House Guest

The Vampire Diaries: The Dinner Party

The Vampire Diaries: Crying Wolf

The Vampire Diaries: Daddy Issues

The Vampire Diaries: The Descent

The Vampire Diaries: By The Light Of The Moon

The Vampire Diaries: The Sacrifice

The Vampire Diaries: Katerina


The Vampire Diaries”  – []

It’s Hard Out There for a Hybrid (“The Hybrid”)

Flowers in the Tomb

Brotherly Love (“Klaus”)

Pulling a Gillies “The Last Dance”

A Couple of Soapdishes (“Know Thy Enemy”)

Frankly My Dear (“The Descent”)

Basket of Bunnies (“The Sacrifice”)

Chuck Norris Wears Klaus Pyjamas ( “Rose” & “Katerina”)

Who Spiked The Milk? (“Masquerade”)

Aneurysms of Suck ( “Kill or Be Killed” & “Plan B” )

The  Happy Vervain Dungeon ( “Memory Lane” )

Something Pretty Damn Epic ( “Bad Moon Rising” )

Let’s Blame Alaric (“The Return” )

Chemistry With A Doorknob: TVD Season Finale Retrospective

I Guess The B!tch Got The Message: Season 1 Finale

Camp Naughty Bad Fun (“Isobel” )


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