The Chains That Bind Us

I’ve never been one content to conform to convention.

I’ve always known it, but confess I haven’t always practiced it. Because let’s be honest: deciding to live your life ‘unconventionally’, chase your dreams, go against the respected grain, be willing to claim who you really are and act on it is hard, really hard.

Sure it’s exciting at first, even liberating to announce to yourself and the world “I’m going to do it! No more dreaming, time to do. It’s time to let the true me out of the box.”

So you get your plan together and you start working on it. Every day you feel blessed and invigorated to finally be stepping out on  The Porch, no longer afraid to face the rain and thunder outside the safety of conventional walls.

And that’s when it happens.

You hit the first roadblock in your epic journey. No worries, you overcome it. But then comes another and maybe even another.

 And that’s when you feel it.

The familiar tightening in your chest as the chains of convention wrap around and remind you that you aren’t going to break out that easy. You struggle with all your new found gusto but it only makes the chains tighter, demanding you follow your heart and dreams their way.

And that’s when it starts to set in.

Doubt.  Fear. You begin questioning whether or not you can really do this. Can I be that person? Am I really that person who can do those things? You feel it deep down in your very bones that you CAN be that person because you KNOW you ARE that person who can do those things. But tightening chains have a nasty way of bruising and wounding and this is when it gets hard, really hard to practice your natural drive to resist convention, to blaze your own trail. And for a time you may want to do little more than lie still just to make it hurt less.

 And that’s when you’ll realize it.

This is the price you have to pay. It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be hard, damn hard. But maybe that’s the point. In deciding to release that person who CAN, you made a choice to no longer play by the rules that the majority of the world plays by, and we all know how convention feels about rule-breakers. You are an enigma to them, something that doesn’t make sense. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t make sense or that who you want to be and what you want to strive for doesn’t make sense. Others have broken free and succeeded. It can be done.

Remember it. Realize it. Don’t lie still.

Not one thing in this world worth doing ever came easy.



  1. You might have just changed my life with this post. I can relate to this so much that the truth of your words is almost painful. I needed to hear this more than I realized. So THANK YOU.

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