“Aneurysms Of Suck”

A new “Vampire Diaries” (TVD) podcast is heeeere, Mystic Falls fans!

It’s been a bit of a wait, I know, as we’ve been juggling holidays, Comic Con trips and Life but you’re patience is about to pay off. We’ve been getting caught up with “Masquerade”, “Rose” and “Katerina” for December 2nd’s all new episode “Sacrifice” and will be posting very soon, so stay tuned!

Now back to THIS podcast, shall we?

In “Aneurysms of Suck” – which may be the most epic title EVER, Melissa! 😀 – Vee (Vampire-Diaries.net), Melissa (TheTelevixen.com), Lucia (HeroineTV.com) and Connie (BLASTMagazine)  and I theorize, rave and rant on the insane rollercoaster rides of episodes “Kill or Be Killed” and “Plan B”. As always, you can dive into the mayhem HERE at TheTelevixen.com or download us from iTunes HERE.

If YOU need to do some catching up, here are the links to Season 2’s podcasts:

The Happy Vervain Dungeon (“Memory Lane”)

Something Pretty Damn Epic (“Bad Moon Rising”)

Silent Burning (“Brave New World”)

Let’s Blame Alaric (“The Return” Season 2 premiere)

Photo Courtesy of VampireDiariesWeb.com


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