OH MY Stefan Salvatore?

Something shocking happened to me in my living room last night.

Frankly, I’m still trying to process.

There I was, enjoying the epically wild ride of “The Vampire Diaries” Season 2 premiere – clamoring for my Damon moments; teetering on the edge of my seat through the Katherine moments – when, to my shock and completely unexpected stomach flutter, Stefan Salvatore captured my undivided attention.




You think you’re shocked? Imagine me – Damon-devoted even to the undeath – watching over-broody-eyebrow-furrowing-goody-vamp Stefan (whom I occasionally mocked for an entire season) turn full-on-badass-brazen-I ain’t gonna ask ya nice-raaawwr-bad boy right there in front of my unsuspecting viewer eyes!

Considering how you all know I feel about bad boys, I think you can comprehend the serious trouble “The Vampire Diaries” may have just doomed me to.

Believe my internal monologue went something like this:



Wait! …What the-?…

Who IS this guy?!…


Can’t be Stefan…it is Stefan ….


*distinct flutter-action begins*

Wait! No! We can’t! We can’t! I love Damon! Damon, Damon, Da-…

*bad boy antics and flutters intensify ten-fold*

Oh, Stefan Salvatore. You are going to get me in trooooub-ble…

Now before my Church of Damon sisters drag me into the courtyard and stake me for heresy or the Sorority of Stefan welcome me with flowers in my hair and a big ol’ mug o’ squirrel juice, I am in no way saying here that I am abandoning my ‘faith’ just yet.


Damon is far too tasty, too tortured and too beautifully badass. Yes even after literally snapping Jeremy to his supposed here-after, I’m still on the Damon wagon, folks.

Frankly, I was never a big Jeremy fan, anyway.

Look at it this way: Damon ‘killing’ him scared the crap outta that kid! Maybe now Jeremy won’t ever, ever, EVER again try something as selfish and stupid as trying to die to be undead to stop his heart from hurting instead of manning up and DEAL-ING.

Life happens, Jeremy.

Suck it up. (WITHOUT fangs, thank you very much).

See, a valuable lesson learned there. Actually, two lessons. Damon’s whole kill-Elena’s-baby-brother-to-mask-the-excrutiating-pain-of-rejection flip-out, was because his heart WAS hurting.


So how do you think that ‘vamp switch’ thing is working out for him?


Make a note, Jeremy.

There. Damon defended. I feel much better now. Okay, where were we?

The Return 2x01 Screencaps

Oh, right. Stefan. Yes, Stefan.

So later that evening the episode winding down, me finally cooling down after all of Stefan’s unexpected muscle-y smoulder-y badass-ery and now completely consumed by my poor sweet Damon’s angst, what does Stefan do?

Pulls a big ol’ ace out of his back pocket, that’s what. He DEFENDS Damon murdering Jeremy.

De-fends him!


*return of earlier shock and flutter with a feverish vengeance*

Whoa. Game on! Clearly, Katherine is not the only one who plays without rules.

So here I am.  Sitting here the morning after, still trying to process the shock; brooding over what this could mean for a die-hard Damon girl.

Could there actually be a side of Stefan I might be able to fall for?  Could he compel me to the ‘other’ side by season’s end? Or could I – dare, I even think it – be heading into Season 2 with a Salvatore on each arm?

Oh my, Stefan Salvatore. Oh my, indeed.

Stefan Season 2

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  1. This is awesome. I basically agree with everything you said. I will always be team Damon, but Stefan seriously stepped up his game and i LOVE him now.

  2. Loved this!

    Indeed, how could it be possible that Stefan stayed out of his self brooding to take charge this ep!? I want to see more!

    Still, Ian Somerhalder’s delivery of Damon’s angst and brokenness is irreplaceable. Fantastic work by him in this episode.

    By the way, thank you for saying that about Jeremy (someone had to!). I’m curious about your thoughts on Caroline. Will she make it? Or, will she be just another chapter like Vicki?

    1. Thank you, Danielle! 🙂
      Personally, I cannot WAIT for vamp Caroline. She’s going to change the whole game in a big way!
      My money’s on a very long, bloody, angsty, twisted love chapter.
      Stay tuned 😉

  3. Yes, I feel as though he’s finally channeling more of book Stefan, and yes, I love badass Stefan. The books? I was Team Stefan. The show? Team Salvatore, teetering toward Team Damon at times (gasp!). So, I feel your…pain. (though really, two hot vamps? is that really painful? ha.)

    1. You took the words right out my mouth! I am a die hard forever Damon girl, but last night’s bad-ass Stefan had me taking a second look at the other Salvatore brother.
      My heart broke for Damon. However, I do love the sarcastic Damon of early on , and can’t wait to see more of him (hopefully shirtless!!)

  4. Another great one! Oh My Stefan Salvatore is right! That’s my man Stefan right there. He can be a real badass when he wants too, and it shows. The boy, or should I say, rather, the man doesn’t play any games when he’s like this. Stefan is pure business. Love him. Though, regarding Damon, when he “killed” Jeremy, he didn’t know that Jeremy had that ring on. Anyway, girl! LMAO @ “full-on-badass-brazen-I ain’t gonna ask ya nice-raaawwr-bad boy”. Love it! Team Stefan FTW! 😉

    1. LOL Thanks! 🙂
      Re” Damon and Jeremy – I don’t think he knew about the ring either. I’m simply doing my part to defend his maniacal tendencies. It’s a thing with me 😉

  5. A Salvatore on each arm sounds pretty good to me! 😉

    I totally agree with you. I’m a die-hard Damon fan, but I LOVED Stefan last night. Bad-assery sure becomes him! 😉

    1. Ohh yeah but for me the badass act it’s always gonna be a Damon thing.I swear to God the guy can do almost anything bad and still earn my brownie points.. 😀 and yeah i’m talking about the almost-killing-of-Jeremy wich btw in my opinion was totally justyfied by his heartache what with the whole double rejection and all that i would have done the same too..

  6. I have to absolutely agree with you on all 3 points!
    1. Still in love with Damon!
    2. Could end up shipping Stefan too.
    3. Jeremy, ugh!, need I say more?
    You were the first to say it, and we all agree, this was a terrific, dare I say EPIC, episode!

  7. My favorite Stefan moment last night was him slapping Jeremy…really showed how much he cared for him. And I agree, I was so shocked that he was defending Damon at the end! Great post as always! 🙂

  8. i was, am and will always be team stefan. I love him/Paul Wesley sooo much but last night just took my love to a whole nother level! The whole ‘dont mess with me’ vibe that he was setting off was soooo fricken hot! AHHH TEAM STEFAN FOREVER!

  9. Dearest ‘From My Side Of The Moon’…Deliciously written! And whose to say we can’t enjoy the pleasures of both. Hedonism is a luxury enjoyed without guilt in our escapes into this wonderful world of fantasy.. So love the damaged and broken ones, and there is nothing like a man who takes charge. Ian and Paul know how to rock their characters into some of the hottest bad ass Vamps on television!

  10. Very well put! It’s nice to see the die hard Damon girls showing Stefan a little love. I’ve basically been Team Salvatore since the beginning of the show due to my inability to decide b/w who was hotter Ian or Paul. Damon’s character definitely had more to him from the beginning of the show & it is so nice to see Stefan being such a bad ass. I cannot wait to see more of bad ass Stefan because frankly it was incredibly hot.

    A Salvatore on each arm is definitely the way to go!

  11. If it is supposed to be like the vampire Stefan Salvatore I WANT to live a love for centuries to be as smart as Damon mavavilhoso. Who watches Diáio vampire, never wants to know TWILIGHT

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