Bring On The Rain!

Yes, you really can have it all. The only things you’ll need to give up are assumptions, expectations and the comfort zone that holds you back ~Chris Guillebeau

Change is a strange phenomenon. Like a fantastic thunderstorm, you can almost feel it in the air before you hear the first rumble of its imminent arrival. A lot of folks don’t like thunderstorms. In fact, many are down right afraid of them. I used to be one of those people.

Until something happened that I did not expect.

One stormy night at our small house on a small lake in the middle of small town nowhere, despite my shaking legs and adamant protests, somehow my husband managed to coax me outside to watch the terrifying spectacle. Yes, watch it.And that’s when it happened. The thing I did not expect. Standing there, under the covered porch looking out over that small lake, warm rogue splatters of rain pecking my cheeks, my legs stopped shaking. I loosened my death grip on his waist, captivated and exhilarated by the spectacle in the sky and I wondered: “Why haven’t I done this before? What on earth was I so afraid of?” In that moment, fear was vanquished. In fact, I was ready for the next one. You see, here’s the thing: once I mustered the courage to step out onto that porch, I could stand in storm, relish the rain, be thrilled by the thunder. Now anyone who is as terrified of  thunderstorms as I used to be, may think I was likely struck by lightening that night to be saying such a thing. But those of you who love thunderstorms, and especially those of you who have braved your fear to love them, know exactly what I’m talking about.

So why the long ramble about braving rain and rogue lightening bolts? Because, as I said, Change is a lot like a thunderstorm; especially a potentially life-altering Change as I believe I am about to embark on.
It’s scary at first. Your legs may even shake. All of your instincts seem to be shouting “Play it safe! Get indoors!” But for some of you, there’s a small part hidden deep down somewhere that wonders if you could, maybe, just maybe, step out onto that porch.

Committing to Change means stepping back out onto that porch every day. Braving the storm for the beautiful benefit you know can be reaped if you stick it out just a little bit longer. So here’s my challenge to you today: Find that small part hidden deep down somewhere (the part that dreams and wonders what if ),  step out onto that porch and in your biggest, loudest, bravest voice, shout to the world: “Bring on the rain!”




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