10 Life Lessons From “The Vampire Diaries” Season 1

With 47 days left to go to the epic arrival of  TVD’s  Season 2 premiere, I thought I’d ‘kill’ a little wait time reminiscing over what we’ve learned so far. So in random order, I give you 10 life lessons from  Season 1:

*drumroll please*

#1. Be careful who you invite in the house.

#2. Real vampires don’t sparkle…and they do have fangs. BIG ONES *gulp*

#3. “Love is painful, pointless and overrated”…but no one ever really means that

#4. Family is for Life. And quite possibly the After-Life. Be good to each other.

#5. Should you find yourself at a slumber party and one of your friends says “I know. Let’s have a séance.” DON’T!

#6. History has a tendency of repeating itself. Watch out for that.

#7. Don’t be a prude. Say “YES!” to vervain.

#8. History class CAN be fun

#9. “Unrequited love sucks.”

And last but certainly not least….

#10. No matter how bad it seems, you’re family still isn’t half as screwed up as The Gilberts.

Ha. Who says you can’t learn anything from watching TV? 😉

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*Photos #1 to 6, 8 to 10 Courtesy of Vampire-Diaries.net *Photo for #7 Courtesy of  TV Screen Caps Gallery



  1. This was awesome. I learned so much!!! who would have guess? And thanks for reaching out on my blog post. I did enjoy the season finale re-broadcast. The kiss….the kiss….you know the one….was so good. Okay, I’m back. Can’t wait for the new season next week!

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