Vampire Diaries Season 2: Mason Lockwood Revealed and O, Damn Damon INDEED!

Well I don’t know about the rest of you, but last night my needing a cold shower had absolutely nothing to do with this crazy summer heat and EVERYTHING to do with The Vampire Diaries! TVD fever was running hot, hot, hot online  last night with fans tweeting up a storm over the latest Season 2 reveals from The CW Network.

First up came a new promo vid to One Republic’s “Everybody Loves Me”, centric to my favourite blood-thirsty bad boy, Damon Salvatore. And O, Damn Damon INDEED! Quick tip: grab the ice bucket before you sit down to watch, fangirls – this one’s S-mm-mm-oulderhotter!

If that wasn’t hot enough for you, and you’d have to be dead for it not to be (pun totally intended), next up came the big casting reveal we have all been speculating about ever since Executive Producer, Julie Plec dropped the epic bombshell that this season a new Lockwood would be coming to town. Last night, Michael Ausiello broke the news that the much-anticipated Mason Lockwood will be played by former Trauma heart-throb, Taylor Kinney.

Taylor Kinney, Photo Credit: Paul Drinkwater

As far as first impressions go – looks-wise, he will most definitely do. There does seem to be a certain  something wolfish brewing beneath those baby-blues and scruff. But for this Vampire Diaries fan, it’s all going to come down to character. I like my Lockwood werewolves badass and brazen; but more importantly, I like them able to believably, (and that’s the clincher)  stand their ground when it comes time for the inevitable fangs-to-fangs showdowns with the vamps of Mystic Falls.  Kinney is scheduled to make his first appearance as Mason Lockwood in The Vampire Diaries Season 2 premiere airing September 9th on The CW Network.

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  1. Can I keep you? You are so much better than the pony I asked for 😀 LOVE IT. Roll on Season Two….and all ensuing Team Salvatore-age 😉 xo

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