11 Songs I Must Confess Make Me Wanna Shake My Ass

Photo Credit: tibchris

It’s okay.

You can admit it too.

We all have one of these lists.

10 songs or so off the top of your head that every time you hear them – no matter where you are, no matter how totally and utterly against the very nature of everything your music collection stands for – it’s damn near impossible NOT to  give in to your hips’ instinctive urge to swivel to them.

Being a girl who’s music collection tends to be dominated by the likes of AC/DC and The Rolling Stones, this is a BIG confession for me. But today, I’m in the mood to have a li’l fun, balk the status quo. So I’m giving in to temptation and posting my ‘list’ of 11

-yes 11, not 10- (remember we’re balking here, people) –

songs I must confess, make me wanna shake my ass.

Now you wouldn’t leave a girl dancing around the office all by her lonesome, would you?

Thought not.

So stop what you’re doing right now. Stand up. Press play below and shake your rebel ass off! ‘Cause now you know, somewhere out there on the other side of the moon, I’m so shakin’ mine with you!

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