O Canada! Let The Vampire Diaries Campaign Begin!

Photo Courtesy of CW Network

Never doubt the power of the pout.

On Friday I pouted…uh, I mean posted No Vampire Diaries Perks For Canadian Fans Really Bites and Holy Salvatores ‘n’ Saltzman! the feedback from Vampire Dairies fans has been bloody awesome! Comments and emails and tweets galore! Apparently I’m not the only vamp fan who thinks Canada is waaaay overdue for some TVD promotional perks.

Shocking, I know.

But seriously, The-Vampire-Diaries Canadian Fangirl-Pout (aka TVDCFP) Post has been drawing quite a crowd to my little side of the moon. Over at thetelevixen.com, Melissa Girimonte gave a me shout out  & echoed my sentiments with Toronto Needs Some TVD Love!. Naturally, this got us to talking; which inevitably led us to diabolically plotting and tadaaa!

O Canada, Let The Vampire Diaries Campaign begiiiinn!!!

For MY part here….

I’ll be Damon-ishly scheming; postings updates & news; and chronicling fandom’s efforts to get the attention of “The Vampire Diaries- Powers-That-Be”  in our crusade to get Canada added to TVD’s elusive fun-fan-perks brigade.

For YOUR part out there…

Raise your voices!! Get your creative wheels turnings!! And for fangsakes, HAVE FUN WITH IT! 😀 And don’t forget to let me know what you’re going to do to make some noise. The louder our buzz, the better the chance of being heard.

Btw, this campaign is not restricted to die-hard Canadian TVD fans only. All TVD fans who want to sink their teeth in and show their support, are welcome! So what do you say we have a little fun to kick things off?

Here’s your first assignment…

Tweet me or email me a photo of you doing your very best TVDCFP aka The Vampire Diaries Canadian Fangirl/Fanboy Pout (demonstrated by yours truly here).

Don’t forget to include your name and where you’re from and I’ll post them here on From My Side of The Moon.

Okay, Team Canada: Ready?…Set?…GET CAMPAIGNING!!

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  1. Where can I email my TVDCFP to you?
    I hope this gets their attention and makes them want to give all of their Canadian fans a special visit! 😀

  2. I am so on board, I have been saying for months that we need some TVD love right here in toronto. I mean Geesh, bring Nina and Sara home already. The Cw has a serious oversight of how much Canadians really love the show. I’ll be posting my pout face in total support of what you guys are doing, and if everything works out hopefully i’ll see some of you other pouters @ HMV on younge st, or much music! 😉


  3. OMG yesssss bring them to Toronto, it’s not fair that they go EVERYWHERE but Canada

  4. still haven’t heard anything about the cast coming to canada… not even toronto. would be so amazing!

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