Of All The Friends I’ve Lost, I Miss My Father Most


On the evening of October 8, 2007,  my Dad lost his 2 year battle with cancer.  Every day since has been a struggle for me, traversing  this void that’s been left in his stead. And as such things often do at the most unexpected moments, it is hitting me particularly hard today. I’m told writing helps; sharing helps. So today I write and share with all of you.

Dear Dad,

I miss shoulder rides and airplane.

I miss “Princess” and “Squeezy”

I miss fried spaghetti and apple pie.

I miss politics over turkey dinner and pot roast.

I miss sipping the latest brew of homemade wine.

I miss the inevitable ringing of the telephone every time the Leafs score.

Making memories…

I miss slipping on size 13’s to run-out for something I forgot in the car.

I miss the magic of that old guitar.

I miss curling up next to the easel to watch you paint.

I miss Lord of The Rings and Star Wars marathons.

I miss the smell of coffee brewing and the sound of the sports channel when I walk into the house.

I miss your feet propped up on the arm of the couch.

I miss the sound of heavy boots on the porch followed by high pitched squeals of “Graaandpa!”

I miss your face at hockey practices, swimming lessons and soccer games

I miss trick-or-treating, Christmas decorating and watching fireworks


on the 1st of July.

I miss when “bringing the kids for a visit” meant to a house not a resting place.

I miss every quiet moment.

I miss every celebration.

I miss every sorrow.

I miss every quarrel.

And I miss when making a list about you did not begin with “I miss”


Squeezy xo

Copyright © 2010 Lee MacOdrum

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