The Island

I felt it in my gut the moment after I took the assignment on Revel Island that I was going to regret it.  When the rusted trawler hired to transport me to the infamous rock pulled up to the ramshackle excuse for a dock and I got my first glimpse of the godforsaken place, I was sure of it. The landing was completely deserted except for a gaggle of screeching gulls fighting over the stinking remnants of what appeared to have once been a seal, now rotting on the beach below us. The pungent odour stung my nostrils and I choked back the urge to vomit. The boat’s greasy captain grunted in amusement and disappeared below deck. Left on my own to explore, I flipped the strap of my camera over my head and hopped down onto the platform. Its decaying boards cracked a warning beneath my weight but I stayed put to survey my destination. A heavy mist from the previous night’s rain hung low over the landscape, the tip of a rogue spruce or outcrop randomly breeching its surface. The air was still damp but instinct told me it was not the weather that chilled my bones. Directly ahead, about 50 feet from where the dock met land, a lone decrepit building caught my attention. Judging from the discarded cargo crates marked “Revel Station” littering the yard around it, it was reasonable to assume this had been the research team’s base camp. Shattered windows and the front door precariously hanging by a single hinge ominously attested to the rumours that had brought me here. I snapped a few shots before leaving the dock and heading towards the station. My boots sunk and slipped in the wet black sand. Finally I made it to the door. Taking a deep breath for courage, I carefully moved inside to inspect the interior. Once my eyes adjusted to the dim light within, my worst trepidations about this assignment could not have prepared me for what I saw.  I swallowed hard another urge to toss my cookies, took a breath and readied my camera…

Copyright © 2010 Lee MacOdrum
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  1. Excellent piece! I loved the scent description; it was so vivid I could practically smell the odor. And your choice of words was superb…”greasy”, “pungent”, and “decrepit” to just name a few. Can’t wait to read more!


  2. *Loved* it – you leave no sense unaddressed. I can’t wait for another installment. Now, please refrain from being so talented and fabulous or I shall have to have you disposed of immediately. 😉 xo

  3. makes me laugh cuz it reminds me of a camp I used to go to on a desert island as a kid. Well until you opened the door unless there was a boar on the other side of the door.

    Nice and thanks for the visit to my site. Moon’s unite!!!

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