Well, I did it.  I started a blog.

For those of you who already know me, this has been a long time coming. For those of you who don’t, I suppose I oughta tell you a little something about myself and what the heck I’m doing here.

So What Is My Blog All About?

The short answer would be “Me”.

I’m a girl who loves to write (short stories, poetry, etc.)  and wanted to find a place I could share that.

I’m also a girl who loves to chat it up on life, love, my favourite tv shows, films, music, books and whatever else strikes me enough to say so, and wanted a place I could do that.

So, in a nutshell, this blog is going to house my writing, host my voice and occassionally feed my inner fangirl.

So What’s In It For You?

If you’ve got a little sarcasm in your spirit, a little writer in your soul, or an inner fangirl/boy in there somewhere, stick around:

You might just like it here on my ‘side of the moon’  😉




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